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                                                                here come the pain....

my friend kurt...

reminds me of a time when i had nothing to worry about...

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Story Of Life


The story of jesus
So easy to explain
After they crucified him,
A woman, she claimed his name
The story of jesus
The whole Bible knows
Went all across the desert
And in the middle, he found a rose

There should be no questions

There should be no lies
He was married ever happily after
All the tears we cry
No use in arguing
All the use to the man that moans
When each man falls in battle
His soul it has to roam
Angles of heaven
Flying saucers to some,
Made easter sunday
The name of the rising sun

The story is written

By so many people who dared,
To lay down the truth
To so very many who cared
To carry the cross
Of jesus and beyond
We will guide the light
This time with a woman in our arms
We as men
Can't explain the reason why
The woman's always mentioned
At the moment that we die
All we know
Is God is by our side,
And he says the word
So easy yet so hard

I wish not to be alone,

So I must respect my other heart
Oh, the story
Of jesus is the story
Of you and me
No use in feeling lonely,
I am searching to be free

The story

Of life is quicker
Than the wink of an eye
The story of love
Is hello and goodbye
Until we meet again

Written by Jimi Hendrix

September 18th, 1970

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Just a patsy...

Ghost city in the sky...

BABY I'M-A WANT YOU (early piano version)

As discussed in the book, from 1971, here is an early piano-based version of the classic hit, taped BEFORE the song was re-arranged for guitar...

Posted by BREAD (David Gates, James Griffin & Co.) on Wednesday, March 26, 2014

i just wish certain people that are in this world would truly see how much my fucking soul is drained... alone and lost... and yet? they still can't see.

Monday, August 3, 2015

AUGUST - 1983

August is a fucked up month for me. It is the month of my birthday. It will also be the 32 year anniversary that my brother, cousin and best friend in the world was taken away at the hands of a drunk driver. My cousin's name was Michael.

Fast forward to early 1984. After my cousin passed away I was given a couple of cassette tapes that belonged to Michael. One of the tapes was of the both of us laughing and telling dirty jokes, etc... Just being kids. Michael was 12 and I was 13.

One of the tapes that my cousin had were songs that he taped off of the radio. It was fascinating to listen to because I had no idea that he liked certain songs. The last day we spent together I can remember him playing at full volume the album "Pyromania" by Def Leopard.

One of the tapes had the song which is posted above. Christopher Cross "Sailing."

Every time that I hear this song I think of my cousin Michael and the glorious year of 1983 up until the month of August.

It was then that I lost my cousin Michael. There is not one second of my day that passes me by where I do not think of him. He is always in my mind. He never leaves.

That is all that I have left...


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:) :)
Stuart Sutcliffe -June 23, 1940 - April 10, 1962.
Original bass player for The Beatles...
June 6, 1944 - Normandy, France. Omaha Beach. D-DAY...
10cc Poster...
From one of Brian Eno's notebooks...
A&M Records Inner Sleeve Bag...

Me and the boys!
This picture was taken in the summer of 1978. I am on the far right in the orange shirt. My cousin Chris is the one with the blue wristbands. My friend Rolly is in the red shirt and my cousin Michael is in the white shirt. My cousin Michael was killed by a drunk driver in the summer of 1983. My friend Rolly was the victim of a homicide in the early 90's...

Remember these???
:) :)
Don't fuck with the Wongs!